New Years Resolutions Never Work…


I hope that you’ve had a great holiday season.  We had a very busy schedule over the past few weeks with many different family parties and events.  This year I also made a point to spend more time with my daughter Presley during the break.  She didn’t go to her after school program one day during break and we hung out together most of the break doing craft projects including a memo board for her room, we made a duct tape bag, we made beaded bracelets for her friends and much more.  We also made a trip to the bowling alley on Monday afternoon to bowl a couple of games.

On New Years Eve Nikki and I stayed home and had dinner.  I cooked crab cakes, lobster and steak using a cooking method from the 4 Hour Cook, a book by Tim Ferriss who also authored the 4 Hour Work Week and the 4 Hour Body.  I’d recommend you get the 4 Hour Cook and the recipe is on page 186.

After dinner we went to a restaurant for dessert and then stopped at a home party for a couple of hours.

Now lets get to some business building strategies for 2013…

Resolutions Never Work

One of the biggest things that happen at the end of every  year is a bunch of people “resolving” to do better next year.  While I’m here to tell you it’s a big joke. Yesterday I saw that 40% of resolutions won’t even make it until Saturday of this week.  

I’ve never had “Resolutions” but I do update goals and my vision board.  These are far different than a resolution.  Goals are measurable, they have deadlines and you actively track them.  In fact I set many goals and work towards them each and every day.

If you don’t have written goals I’d encourage you to set some today.  Make them specific and then take some proactive action toward achieving them.  I’d also then recommend that you put your feet to the fire by really committing.  Not just writing it down or saying it out loud.  Let me give you a few example.

A Few Of My Goals

1. Run another marathon and finish in under four hours – To meet this goal it takes daily training and commitment.  So I have a calendar where I write down miles and times.  You can’t take too many days off before you start going backwards.  Next I paid for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon last month to make sure I continued to train.  Now I can’t quit…I have really money at stake and I’ve told a bunch of people that I’m running it. 

Next in order to improve on my first marathon time of 4:21 I’ve started a new strength training program in addition to running called CrossFit and it has a cult like following which thrives on very difficult workouts.  Each day a different workout where you compete against your own personal best times.  

Yesterday it was 5 degrees in Green Bay and I was out running 5 miles.  I only saw one other person out running.  As they say the last mile or the hard mile is less traveled.  A resolution will not get you off the couch when it’s this cold to run outside a goal with a hard deadline will because you can’t miss days or you will not reach the goal.

2. Raise $100,000 or more for the Olivia Davis Foundation which is a non-profit organization that I started to help my friend and business partner Bruce in a desperate time of need about 4 years ago.  Now the organization helps families with young children in the hospital who are struggling to pay bills or provide for their other children.  It’s done 100% pro bono including our accountants, web guys, designers, etc.

I’m looking to do a couple of creative fundraisers again this year and I’m going to ask for your help on one of them in a few months. But I’m going to try and help you keep a “resolution” this year with another.

Without a doubt many have resolved to eat healthier, lose weight or workout more often.  These are some of the most popular resolutions.

So I’m going to provide you a unique opportunity to keep your resolution by setting a goal, helping others in need at the same time and putting some skin in the game to help keep you on track.

I’ll be running the Cellcom Green Bay marathon on May 19th, 2013 and I’d like you to join me.   You don’t need to run the marathon, you can choose the 1/2 marathon which you have plenty of time to train for if you get started now.  If the 13.1 seems too much for you there is a 5K on Saturday, but I’m challenging you to go for the 1/2 Marathon.  The sense of accomplishment after finishing will push you to even more challenging health and business goals in the future.

Step 1: Register for the marathon or 1/2 marathon:

Step 2: Make a donation to the Olivia Davis Foundation:
*Minimum donation of $250 which includes a business building event on Friday, May 18th and a social event at our home that evening.  We’ll also plan something fun on Saturday.   

Step 3: Start your training.  We’ll create an email group with all attendees and encourage each other to keep on our training schedules.  If you need help on this I’ll send you a training program and send a list of resources to you as well.

This year you can get off to a great start by getting in shape, committing and helping children and families that have been affected by a major medical condition.

I have at least another dozen goals that are written out and easily referred back to and can be tracked. I’d encourage you even if you are not going to join us in Green Bay for the Marathon to take some time today to set goals and forget the resolutions.  Goals are the key. Resolutions will be gone by next Monday for most.

Happy New Year,




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