Generate New Revenue For Your Bowling Center Now!

Hey It’s Darin Spindler and I have a special video for you that delivers a marketing strategy that I’ve been teaching for years and have been largely ignored…but it’s one of the fastest ways to generate new revenue for your bowling center.

This isn’t a quick fix, but it’s like an oil well once you get started.  The more you do this, the better it gets.

Best of all it costs little to nothing to do!

And…You can actually track the results (unlike radio, TV or newspaper).

Dedicated To Growing Your Business,

Darin Spindler

PS…If you’re interested in joining a very small group of bowling centers who’d like to improve business in 2015 please email Darin (@) and we’ll set a time up to talk on the phone.

I’m going to open up for the first time a small group coaching and marketing implementation program for bowling centers in 2015.  This is NOT for everyone.  You must be committed to change and improvement.  You’ll need to travel to Green Bay, WI twice over the next year and attend Bowl Expo as we’ll be meeting on the Saturday and Sunday prior to Bowl Expo.  You should be attending Bowl Expo and this will allow you to have less time away from the center.  I’d say this program will be most beneficial to centers with 24 lanes or more…unless you have other revenue sources like restaurants, bars or an entertainment center attached.

PPS…The Outside Selling Video is here:

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