Generate New Revenue For Your Bowling Center Now!

Hey It’s Darin Spindler and I have a special video for you that delivers a marketing strategy that I’ve been teaching for years and have been largely ignored…but it’s one of the fastest ways to generate new revenue for your bowling center.

This isn’t a quick fix, but it’s like an oil well once you get started.  The more you do this, the better it gets.

Best of all it costs little to nothing to do!

And…You can actually track the results (unlike radio, TV or newspaper).

Dedicated To Growing Your Business,

Darin Spindler

PS…If you’re interested in joining a very small group of bowling centers who’d like to improve business in 2015 please email Darin (@) and we’ll set a time up to talk on the phone.

I’m going to open up for the first time a small group coaching and marketing implementation program for bowling centers in 2015.  This is NOT for everyone.  You must be committed to change and improvement.  You’ll need to travel to Green Bay, WI twice over the next year and attend Bowl Expo as we’ll be meeting on the Saturday and Sunday prior to Bowl Expo.  You should be attending Bowl Expo and this will allow you to have less time away from the center.  I’d say this program will be most beneficial to centers with 24 lanes or more…unless you have other revenue sources like restaurants, bars or an entertainment center attached.

PPS…The Outside Selling Video is here:

Creating Your Own Luck In Business & Life

“Wherever you go and whatever you do, May the luck of the Irish be there with you”


As a member of one of my marketing systems or mastermind groups you already know that I really don’t believe in LUCK, I believe you create your own luck by working each day toward a well defined goal.

This small gift box will reach you probably just before St. Patty’s Day. A day when millions O’ Americans will create themselves a pink slip, so they can skip work, guzzle Green Beer, in a green shirt and dance and sing Irish jigs all day long.

On St. Patty’s Day I’ll do what I do each and every day. I’ll take action and create a little O’ luck for myself. I’ll crawl up the steps to my office, many days when I really “don’t feel like it”. I’ll take a look at my to do and opportunities list, take action and start heading for the rainbow to collect a few gold chips from the Pot O Gold that each and every one of us can create for our businesses.

One of my mentors taught this to me long ago…each morning do at least 1 thing that has the opportunity to create future revenue for the company. Yes, EVERY day, including Saturdays and Sundays, Birthdays and Holidays. If you do this you’ll never have to worry about an empty pot of gold at the end of your rainbow. Personally I now try to do 3 things each day that have a chance to put money in the register for one of my businesses. So on St. Patty’s Day, as I do everyday I’ll be taking some action to create revenue for one of my companies.

I’ll also look at my personal pot of gold in my office. It’s a little jar that I fill with real money. On the outside it’s labeled with one of my personal goals, currently a SOBE condo or short for a condo in Miami Beach, more specifically on the beach, south of 5th avenue, above the 30th floor. This is a very specific goal and I encourage you to write down a few of your goals today!

As most American’s celebrate an Irish holiday today hoping they’ll find the elusive pot of gold, I want you to create your own pot of gold over the next 12 months. Take action each day to create revenue for your company, discover what non-revenue producing jobs you are currently doing and rid yourself from a few of them.

To help you get started with this little ritual I’ve included a little pot of gold that you can put on your desk and look at it each morning. I’d recommend you even getting your own glass jar and making regular cash deposits too.

Happy St. Patty’s Day,


Ps… I’ve also included a few goodies for you from one of our hometown businesses. They’ve made homemade candy for over 100 years. One of these is a chocolate covered Oreo. Did you know Oreo just celebrated it’s 100th birthday too? I’ve also included some St. Patty Day beads just in case you didn’t have time to grab some green to celebrate this St. Patty’s Day.

PPS…If you know of another business owner that could benefit from my marketing systems or mastermind groups I’d do an Irish Jig if you share my services with them. In fact I’m going to even give you some green back if they join. For each business that you refer, you’ll receive one month of membership FREE, up to $1,000.00. That’s right you’ll get a FREE month of membership for any new member that you refer. No limit on the number of months either. Refer 6 New members = 6 FREE months or $6,000.00.

Improved Guest Service & Updated Terminals Make Travel A Great Experience

This week is a video Blog post shot overlooking the ocean in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We stayed at the Conrad by Hilton.  It was a great location near Old San Juan and a few other attractions and plenty of restaurants.

It was fun to explore the forts built nearly 600 years ago as a way to protect the island.  If you step back and think about how they built the massive forts in the 1500’s it put it all into a different perspective.

The hotel also has a few nice pools and then a small beach that very peaceful.  I loved the street vendor where I got BBQ Chicken On A Stick from the grill a few times each day.  Also I tried out a coconut that he opened with a machette.

We also took a day trip to hike in the Rain Forest, have lunch on the beach and then kayak in a “Glow In The Dark” Bay.  The Bio-Bay was done at dark and then if you put your paddle in the water it was supposed to glow.  It was a bit oversold, but I still enjoyed it.  You can check the bay out at

In today’s blog post you’ll discover:

1. How Delta Airlines did a nice job improving the experience of late passengers and how you can do the same without having to spend a fortune.
2. How Delta also really upped the customer experience at the MSP Airport by investing in a transformation that is a cross between a Cyber Cafe, Upscale Lounge & a Coffee Shop
3. A nice surprise from the cleaning crew at the Conrad Hotel and why you should provide your customers, patients or clients with unexpected gifts from time to time.

Delta Serving Free Drinks At The Gate For A Late Flight!

Delta Serving Free Drinks At The Gate For A Late Flight!


Upgraded Delta Terminal With iPads & Modern Seating Options – Nice 🙂

Video From The Coconut Man!

Here Are A Few Photos From The Trip Too!

Puerto Rico From Balcony

Puerto Rico From Hotel Balcony

View From The Room Out To Bay & Ocean

View From The Room Out To Bay & Ocean

Water Fall At The End Of The Trail In Rain Forest

Water Fall At The End Of The Trail In Rain Forest

A Gift Left By Housekeeping In Our Hotel Room

A Gift Left By Housekeeping In Our Hotel Room

Huge Walls Inside Of The Forts Protecting Puerto Rico Dating Back To 1500's

Huge Walls Inside Of The Forts Protecting Puerto Rico Dating Back To 1500’s




Business & Fitness What They Have In Common

In late December I started a new fitness program called CrossFit. It’s not new at all, but it’s new to me.  Lately I’ve been thinking about it’s principles and how it applies to life and a few new projects I’m working on.

CrossFit has a cult like following of athletes looking to improve their strength, coordination and overall fitness.  It also includes many elements of Gymnastics.  Many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units also use CrossFit to improve their performance.

It’s challenging. In fact it’s very challenging. My arms are so sore today I can’t really extend them all of the way.  In the last two days we learned how to do toes to bars and climb a rope.  Toe To Bars is basically a pull up made more difficult by having to touch your toes to the bar at your head level.  So over the past few work outs I’ve done over 60 pull ups including the toe to bar move and scaled the ropes about a dozen times.

My daughter came along to the class yesterday morning before school and laughed as we struggled to get up the ropes.  She can scale the rope at the YMCA all the way to the top already.  I and my CrossFit beginners struggled to get just a few body lengths.  I told our instructor he should be video taping this as it would make for a great reality TV show.

Currently I’m a part of the ONRAMP program which is a month long program for beginners to learn all of the moves.  Each day we’re taught a few new weightlifting or gymnastic moves.  This way every one is on the same playing field, so to speak.  It’s just me and three girls in the early AM program.  In just a few weeks we’ve all made huge improvements in strength.

At the end of each class you finish with the WOD or Work Out Of The Day. Basically the instructor creates a very difficult workout that you are timed on.  Either a 8 or 12 minute AMRAP (As Many Reps As Possible) or you just try and do the workout as fast as you can.  As you get stronger you add more weight to the weight lifting elements.  It’s really a competition against yourself.

If you are the least bit competitive you’ll love CrossFit.  I decided to start it as part of my training for an upcoming Marathon.

I’d like to thank Sheri Omernick for a couple weeks of pushing me to go for the first class.  Even though we start at 6:30 AM and it’s way across town. I’m glad I started. Some days this means getting up at 5:30 AM to make sure that I get my daughter to her childcare program if she doesn’t want to come along to class. Not to mention the last few weeks it’s been awfully cold, including -35 last week with the windchill, which would make it very easy to stay in bed.

But I have a few goals to reach and just missing a few days sends you backwards.

If you’d like to learn a little more about CrossFit visit:

So here are a few of the things that I believe are common links between CrossFit and Business:

1. You need to constantly improve your business as well as your personal well being. I’m a big believer in the time invested working out now will save me time later at the Dr’s office, in waiting rooms or other unwanted procedures.

I believe that we all need to be constantly improving our businesses by reading relevant books, magazines and articles, joining Mastermind Groups, attending seminars and investing in tools that can improve your business.

It’s also amazing the amount of focused work I can get done in the first two hours after class.  It seems to put me in the groove.

2. Goal Setting.  One of my goals is to finish the Marathon in under 4 hours.  So I’m taking proactive steps towards achieving that goal.  Will I make it? Not sure…but I want to be prepared and I want to know that I’m improving each day/week as we get closer to the May 19th race.

Same in business.  You need to set goals that you can track and measure. Sales goals, new leads into your funnel, sales conversion %’s, gross profit and more.  Another one of your goals might be to work less.  You need to set goals that are achievable and can be measured.  Whether that means you make more money this year, take more time off or better yet a combination of the two! You need to track these.

Currently I write down all of my fitness activity including miles run and times.  Also I write down my CrossFit times and workouts.  Two years ago when I started back training and working out I was only able to do 10 push ups, now I can crank out 50.  It’s been a slow steady climb, but tracking the progress is fun!  I can also do handstand push up which as you can probably imagine are not easy, but awfully rewarding when you get done.

In my business I look at sales numbers, number of leads coming in on various websites, via direct mail and telephone, membership numbers or total number of new members added to various programs that I offer. In addition to these I look at my checking accounts and investment accounts at least once a week to see if I’m making progress.  Now most of my investment accounts can be accessed online and can quickly get an idea as to where I’m at.

3.  Have some fun!  If you’re not having any fun in your business, you’ll burn out.  You need to find the things that you enjoy in your business and do them.  Outsource the rest of the work that you do not enjoy.  I hate bookkeeping and accounting.  So I’ve built a team that I know and trust.  I get reports to make sure every thing is going the way it’s supposed to, bills are getting paid, etc.  But I cringe at the very thought of assigning expenses to certain accounts, tracking depreciation and worrying about the quarterly tax payments.

I’d rather be speaking in front of a crowd.  I’d rather be writing letters, postcards and emails. I’d rather be outlining a multi-media marketing system and then implementing it.  I’d rather be doing anything except bookkeeping.

The same in fitness…You need to have fun or at least be able to enjoy it.  If you find a workout that you enjoy, an instructor or other group members that you enjoy it makes it much easier.  If I’d go to a Zumba class I wouldn’t have a whole lot of fun.  But for many ladies and a few guys it’s been a HUGE hit and it’s helped them get off the couch.  I’m not recommending you run out and join CrossFit. It may not be for you, especially if you haven’t been active in a while. But I’d challenge you to find something that you can enjoy, set some goals and watch your improvements.

4. Begin with the basics! As I shared with you before I’m a part of the one month CrossFit ONRAMP program.  It’s vital because they teach you the moves you need to master so you don’t hurt yourself later on.

In business and marketing there are basics that we should all learn as well.  Many business owners are sometimes too interested in getting involved in complicated and advanced strategies before implementing the basics.  Things like capturing data from existing customers, implementing a referral program or setting up a system for generating leads.

I can already hear a few people saying while “Darin you don’t understand. I’m busy. I have kids that go here and there. I have a business to run. I’m a single parent. I have this excuse and that excuse.”

Actually I do understand. I’m a single Dad, with a good relationship with my ex wife.  It’s important to me that we get along.  We help each other out to make sure our daughter can be involved in school activities and Gymnastics.

She covers me when I’m traveling for work.  I cover for her when she’s on call at the hospital.  We try to help each other out for social events too.

If she’s working late I make sure to get Presley to Gymnastics. If I’m traveling she’ll rearrange her schedule or we have my Mom help us out.  Which just happened yesterday.

I also pay for my daughter to be in an before and after school program.  Even though she only attends about half of the time.  But this allows me to get to a fitness class early in the morning or attend a business meeting at 3 PM if necessary.  But I actually enjoy it more when she comes to fitness class with me and I can then take her to school.  I also enjoy picking her up after school, but there are some days I can’t get there in time so I’ve essentially bought an insurance policy.  Plus, she actually likes the program as many of her friends attend.

Likewise I have multiple businesses to run and obligations to meet. Private clients with deadlines to meet.  We all have the same 24 hours in the day.  How will you use yours today?

To me my fitness program is a non negotiable deal in my schedule.  I mark it off just like a business appointment and work around it.  For me I know it improves my work out put for the rest of the day and I’m hedging my bet that later in life I’ll have extra hours available to be on the beach instead of a Dr’s waiting room.

Soon you’ll see a new program that I’m designing with my business partner Andy O’ Mara where we’ll be laying the foundation for business owners to build a better business on.

Watch for details coming soon!

Did You Register To Win Yet?

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Dedicated To Building The Business Of Your Dreams,

Darin Spindler

New Years Resolutions Never Work…


I hope that you’ve had a great holiday season.  We had a very busy schedule over the past few weeks with many different family parties and events.  This year I also made a point to spend more time with my daughter Presley during the break.  She didn’t go to her after school program one day during break and we hung out together most of the break doing craft projects including a memo board for her room, we made a duct tape bag, we made beaded bracelets for her friends and much more.  We also made a trip to the bowling alley on Monday afternoon to bowl a couple of games.

On New Years Eve Nikki and I stayed home and had dinner.  I cooked crab cakes, lobster and steak using a cooking method from the 4 Hour Cook, a book by Tim Ferriss who also authored the 4 Hour Work Week and the 4 Hour Body.  I’d recommend you get the 4 Hour Cook and the recipe is on page 186.

After dinner we went to a restaurant for dessert and then stopped at a home party for a couple of hours.

Now lets get to some business building strategies for 2013…

Resolutions Never Work

One of the biggest things that happen at the end of every  year is a bunch of people “resolving” to do better next year.  While I’m here to tell you it’s a big joke. Yesterday I saw that 40% of resolutions won’t even make it until Saturday of this week.  

I’ve never had “Resolutions” but I do update goals and my vision board.  These are far different than a resolution.  Goals are measurable, they have deadlines and you actively track them.  In fact I set many goals and work towards them each and every day.

If you don’t have written goals I’d encourage you to set some today.  Make them specific and then take some proactive action toward achieving them.  I’d also then recommend that you put your feet to the fire by really committing.  Not just writing it down or saying it out loud.  Let me give you a few example.

A Few Of My Goals

1. Run another marathon and finish in under four hours – To meet this goal it takes daily training and commitment.  So I have a calendar where I write down miles and times.  You can’t take too many days off before you start going backwards.  Next I paid for the Cellcom Green Bay Marathon last month to make sure I continued to train.  Now I can’t quit…I have really money at stake and I’ve told a bunch of people that I’m running it. 

Next in order to improve on my first marathon time of 4:21 I’ve started a new strength training program in addition to running called CrossFit and it has a cult like following which thrives on very difficult workouts.  Each day a different workout where you compete against your own personal best times.  

Yesterday it was 5 degrees in Green Bay and I was out running 5 miles.  I only saw one other person out running.  As they say the last mile or the hard mile is less traveled.  A resolution will not get you off the couch when it’s this cold to run outside a goal with a hard deadline will because you can’t miss days or you will not reach the goal.

2. Raise $100,000 or more for the Olivia Davis Foundation which is a non-profit organization that I started to help my friend and business partner Bruce in a desperate time of need about 4 years ago.  Now the organization helps families with young children in the hospital who are struggling to pay bills or provide for their other children.  It’s done 100% pro bono including our accountants, web guys, designers, etc.

I’m looking to do a couple of creative fundraisers again this year and I’m going to ask for your help on one of them in a few months. But I’m going to try and help you keep a “resolution” this year with another.

Without a doubt many have resolved to eat healthier, lose weight or workout more often.  These are some of the most popular resolutions.

So I’m going to provide you a unique opportunity to keep your resolution by setting a goal, helping others in need at the same time and putting some skin in the game to help keep you on track.

I’ll be running the Cellcom Green Bay marathon on May 19th, 2013 and I’d like you to join me.   You don’t need to run the marathon, you can choose the 1/2 marathon which you have plenty of time to train for if you get started now.  If the 13.1 seems too much for you there is a 5K on Saturday, but I’m challenging you to go for the 1/2 Marathon.  The sense of accomplishment after finishing will push you to even more challenging health and business goals in the future.

Step 1: Register for the marathon or 1/2 marathon:

Step 2: Make a donation to the Olivia Davis Foundation:
*Minimum donation of $250 which includes a business building event on Friday, May 18th and a social event at our home that evening.  We’ll also plan something fun on Saturday.   

Step 3: Start your training.  We’ll create an email group with all attendees and encourage each other to keep on our training schedules.  If you need help on this I’ll send you a training program and send a list of resources to you as well.

This year you can get off to a great start by getting in shape, committing and helping children and families that have been affected by a major medical condition.

I have at least another dozen goals that are written out and easily referred back to and can be tracked. I’d encourage you even if you are not going to join us in Green Bay for the Marathon to take some time today to set goals and forget the resolutions.  Goals are the key. Resolutions will be gone by next Monday for most.

Happy New Year,




Building Your Business With Thank You Notes & A Can Do Attitude

As the temperatures drop and the leaves fall from the trees it’s no doubt that winter is just around the corner here in Wisconsin.  It doesn’t look like I’m going to be going South this winter like we did last year.  So I may be taking on a new project this Winter at home.  Stay tuned.

This week we had parent teacher conferences for my daughter Presley and I’m happy to report that she’s doing great.  But more importantly it was what the teacher had to say about her being helpful to other students, caring and that she also doesn’t give up on challenging questions or problems made me proud.  It’s amazing that she’s already through her first quarter of second grade.  Seems like just yesterday I was holding her for the first time in the hospital.

What A Fun Week!LambeauEvent1Small.jpg

Last week Andy O’ Mara and I launched our brand new book 5 Ways To Generate Cash Fast For Your Business, Even During Challenging Economic Times with a 3 hour live event at Lambeau Field.

It was AWESOME!  We booked a great room that is on the 4th floor of Lambeau Field and overlooks the end zone.  Every attendee will get a great photo from my friend Gary Haas who came up to photograph the event for us. 

We had eager business owners attend and leave with a ton of great information to help them grow their businesses.

We have since started working with at least five of them in one on one relationships to help them improve their businesses through great marketing. LambeauEvent2Small.jpg

We’ve met privately with a number of them since last week and it’s been a real rewarding experience so far.

This morning I had a guy who operates a very successful mattress company located in Green Bay tell me a quick story.  He said last Wednesday he woke up depressed from the election results and was going to skip the seminar even though he had paid for it already.

I could feel his pain.   I didn’t sleep well either, in fact I was rolling around until past 2:30 AM and woke up at 5:14 AM.  But that’s now over and frankly I’m going to forget about it for the next three and a half years.  I‘ve cut my news intake by about 90% because I can’t stand to watch and it’s not worth raising my blood pressure.

I know my principals, I know what I believe in and I know the America that my grandparents told me about…it’s far different from what is now being touted by the current administration.  But I don’t want to lose you here and this wasn’t designed to be a political email…in fact I’m not even a Republican, but I’m certainly not for what we have going on right now.  Believe it or not I actually have a few limited liberal positions.

So this guy was not going to come to the event.  But he did.  He sat through the entire presentation and told me today that he was over the top excited about his business again. I talked about our options at the event.  One is to sit in the corner pissing and moaning, another is to put up the white flag and quit and the other is to put on our boots and get back to work.  At least we as entrepreneurs can write our own paychecks.  I couldn’t imagine being an employee right now, as I write this the Hostess company is about 24 hours from laying off 18,500 employees if they can’t come to a labor agreement.  I will not be surprised to see the published unemployment number hit 11-13% again, which means the real number is far greater.  

We as entrepreneurs and business owners can choose to invest in marketing, invest in building better systems for our businesses or we can play on Facebook like the general population.  Each of these take about the same amount of time and energy, but produce way different results. We may be subject to some outside forces interrupting our business, but we still can control much of our own destiny

The mattress guy started our meeting today with “I don’t think I can afford you at this time” and went on to tell me that he’s investing six figures just in the newspaper during the year.  By the time our meeting was over today we came to an agreement for another meeting next Tuesday to discuss not if, but what we’ll be helping him with first.  He’s a smart guy, who’s built his business from the ground up, and knows that we can help him so he decided that he needs to be working with us and he‘d figure out a way to do it. 

He has a huge opportunity to improve his existing marketing spend and we uncovered at least three ways to quickly improve response, conversion and referrals this morning.

In addition to him we’ve had 3 others write HANDWRITTEN THANK YOU NOTES to usNow understand this was not a FREE seminar.  They paid to attend, $97 each.  In fact many of them paid grudgingly.  We just hired a new sales girl named Lauraand she had some of her past clients attend and they wondered how we could charge for a seminar to show them what we were about.  By the time it was done they were thrilled and took the time to write well thought out notes about the event.  A refreshing change from poorly worded emails often sent without thought.

In addition to these folks we’ve had a number of others already write to us that they implemented a few of our “Gold Keys” that we presented.  They’ve realized they had been missing easy ways to improve the relationship with their existing customers, they missed out on building personal connections and much more.  

Since the event we’ve also started working with a Harley Davidson dealer and we will be mailing 16,000 pieces for them by early next week.  They are my kind of people.  Action takers.  We‘ll be sharing results in the next few weeks.  We created two different pieces for them.  One a greeting card with an insert that will be going to current customers.  Then we created a less expensive postcard that will be mailed out to non active customers and a cold list in a city where they recently built a brand new multi-million dollar dealership.  It’s really a cool place and this campaign is themed with the Thanksgiving holiday.

You May Be Wondering What Does This Have To Do With Bowling?  

While in the few paragraphs above a few quick lessons. 

1.We can choose to be timid and sit on our hands or we can be bold and take action

2.  Handwritten Thank You Notes…A lost art and an easy way to differentiate your business against the competition.

3. Use of direct mail…I know “It Costs More”…but how many emails do you get each day?  How many do you read?  Then think about the good pieces of direct mail that you get…I’m betting that you are like me and still read the mail that interests you…same for your customers and prospects.

4. Take massive action, you won’t move your business forward sitting on the sidelines hoping it gets better!

If you’d like to get a copy of the book it’s now available on and I’d sure love it if you grabbed a copy.  If you don’t enjoy the book let me know and I’ll personally refund your money.  We’re also donating all royalty money from the book through the end of November to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts via the American Red Cross.

Click Here To Get Our Book On Amazon

Have a great week,

Darin Spindler

Ps…By next week you should be able to get a copy of the video from the live event and the opportunity to join our Hidden Results University where we’ll be sharing lots of great marketing tools, tips and advice.  We’re also building a community of like minded businesses owners inside of the University.  This will be a great place to hang out with other smart, progressive business owners. 

PPS…I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Make a comment below.

Marketing Lessons From Broadway

First I want to let our subscribers that are being affected right now by hurricane Sandy know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.  It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I was running down the boardwalk in Atlantic City and last week I was in Lower Manhattan and as I write this email both are underwater.

A Fundraiser For A Great Organization and
Lessons From A Broadway Show…

Last week I traveled to NYC to attend a fundraiser for an organization that I’ve supported over the past few years, but hadn’t had a chance to attend one of their events.  

I was first introduced to this group called Our Time Theater by Fred Kaplowitz.  They help children who stutter get involved in music and theater to help them with their stuttering.  

While we were in Manhattan we also attended our first Broadway show. We went to Rock Of Ages and if you’re into 80’s music I’d encourage you to attend.  I see they’ve taken the show on the road as it’s playing in Las Vegas right now too.

In the video I’ll share something that Rock Of Ages missed out on and one thing that they did a great job with.

Here’s an article about the fundraiser:

Book Release…

Andy O’ Mara and I have just published our very first book 5 Ways To Generate Fast Cash For Your Business, Even During Challenging Economic Times.

We’ll be launching the book next week at a live event in Green Bay, WI and if you are nearby we’d invite you to attend.  You can get full details at  We understand many of you are not anywhere near Titletown, USA so we’re going to record the event and make it available at a later date.

Just Click This Link If You’d Like A Copy Of The Book It’s Just $12.95

For the next week we’re going to donate all book royalties to the Red Cross to help out the folks affected by Sandy.  Here’s a chance to help out your business and people who will definitely be in need over the next few weeks.

Have a nice week and stay safe if you are in the path of Sandy,


Why 1%ers Become 1%ers & The 99% argument is dumb!

Hey it’s Monday and I’m in Atlantic City for a Trade Show & Seminar

Today I thought I’d share a thought that I had yesterday as I was running 10 miles along the famous Boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Over the past few months you’ve sure heard a lot about the darn 1% that are earning all the money and paying no taxes (this tongue in cheek).

Then there are 5% doing very well, another 15% successful and then 80% of the folks in this country who are just getting by paycheck to paycheck.

Here’s what’s wrong with all of the bashing of the 1% and 5%…these %’s haven’t changed since 1929 during the depression, even with all of the changes in technology and the ease of communication with prospects now.

The way you become a 1% or a 5% is all in personal behavior.  It’s not because they have been blessed with easy money.  Yes there are some people that have been blessed with a trust fund, but the majority of 1%ers and 5%ers got there on their own.

Last year I recorded a video about the 1% debate so I thought I’d share it with you today

Here Was My Schedule Yesterday:

5:00 AM – 7:00 AM – Drive from Green Bay to Milwaukee in the Fog & Rain.  A miserable drive. Listened to 2 CD’s from newsletters that I subscribe to.
7:00 AM – 9:00 AM – Read 2 small books, started reading 2 newsletters I subscribe to
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM – Flight to Detroit – Read part of the E-Myth by Michael Gerber (I re-read this each year)
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM – Flight to Philly – Kept reading the E-Myth
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – Had driver take me to Atlantic City.  While he drove I worked.
3:00 PM – 5:00 PM – Run 10 Miles on Boardwalk
5:00 PM – 6:00 PM – Dinner at Revel
6:00 PM – 11: 45 PM – Worked in hotel room on 3 different projects while watching the Packers Vs. Texans

I’ll point out a few items:

1 – This was a LONG Day
2 – A lot of reading on planes instead of playing Farmville or watching movies
3 – Running vs. Playing Slot Machines
4 – Having a driver instead of a rental car.  Save time, frustration in traffic and allowed me to work.  An hour used much better.

We all have the same 24 hours in the day…It’s how we use these hours.

I wish success would be easier. It would be great if you could just sit in the office, send an email and then go party.  But to build a great business that is not what it takes.

I share this with you because I want you to be successful.  I want to challenge you to think differently.  I want to you to look at how you use your time each day.  In fact I’d even challenge you to write down what you do each day. Hour by hour.  Better yet every 15 minutes.  Put it on a yellow legal pad for a week and then look back at where you spent your time.  What was used to move your business forward.  What was wasted. Where did you have time stolen from you?

Have a great week,

Darin Spindler

PS… I thought you may enjoy this great view from my hotel room here at the Revel in Atlantic City.

This is a beautiful property, but I’m sure glad I’m not on the hook for the mortgage payments. I found an interesting article about the hotel & casino on Wikipedia this morning as Bruce Davis and I talked about this property at breakfast.

Check it out here and visit the “Financing” tab:

A Simple Guerilla Marketing Tactic Generating Cash Fast For Your Business

Are you leaving this money on the table?

I just recorded a new blog video and I’m certain that you’ll find it very valuable.

Here are a few of the highlights:

1. Email subject line that generated nearly a 50% open rate in day 1
2. How to generate some new revenue FAST without having to advertise!
3. The actually offer I sent, along with the easy reply method
4. How to make it look like a personal email, not sent from a big broadcast

Here’s The Actual Email Copy I Sent:

Subject Line: Let me know either way…


I just wanted to reach out to you because somewhere in the not so distant past you had requested some information about my website and marketing system for bowling centers.

You may have even received a report card in the mail with screen shots of your current Google rankings for keywords and phrases along with a report card of your current website.

If you’d like me to resend that information please let me know.

Likewise If you are no longer looking to improve your website and web presence please reply that you are not longer interested and I can remove you from future reminders.

Have a great week,

Darin Spindler

Sent from my iPhone : )


What did you think?  I’d love to hear your comments about this easy to implement strategy, please comment below.

Who else would share the exact email copy, strategy and psychology with you?

Have a great week,

Darin Spindler

Successful Vs. Unsuccessful People & Business Owners

Attendees Loved This…

Today I’m going to share something with you that I shared with attendees of a seminar tour that I recently held..  At the end of the seminar I shared an interesting chart that shows the differences between successful people and unsuccessful people.  I got this chart from a friend of mine that has a business that actually helps women succeed in business.

Her name is Mary Ellen Tribby and she has a business called Working Moms Only. If you know a female whom might be looking for a mentor you may want to check her site out

Here’s the chart:


Here are a few of my favorites from the list.

1. Reading – I’m actually a speed reader and read the Wall Street Journal and USA Today daily.  In addition to that I read a variety of trade journals, magazines in different niches, many aviation magazines and I also read 4 – 6 books a month.  Studies show that those reading 60 minutes a day are 10X’s more likely to earn $100,000.00 per year than those who read fewer than 60 minutes a day. We all have the same amount of hours in a day…we can choose to read relevant information that can help us with our business or watch Snookie on MTV.

2. Setting Goals – This is very big.  I shared this story with attendees at the seminar as well.  It comes from one of my favorite authors Brian Tracy and his book GOALS

In 1979 the graduates of Harvard’s MBA program were asked “Have you set clear, written goals for your future and made plans to accomplish them?” Only 3% had clear written goals, 13% had goals not written and 84% had no specific goals at all.

In 1989 – 10 years later – they interviewed the same group again and found the 13% were on average earning double what the 84% with no goals had achieved.  But the big take away was in 10 years, the 3% with clear, written goals when they left Harvard were earning 10 times as much as the other 97% combined.

3. Continuous Learning...Which loops back to #1

On a final note I’d love to hear what your favorites are from the Successful Vs. Unsuccessful…Visit my Blog at and comment.  They are all very important and I believe in practicing as many as you can.

Have a great weekend,


Ps…I could write all day about the successful and unsuccessful.  It’s really not that hard to succeed if you have a sense of gratitude, a willingness to help others succeed, dream big, set goals to meet your dreams and then take massive proactive action.